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The Wondercave is situated in Gauteng and and forms part of the 12 Cradle of Humankind World Heritage sites. The Wondercave Is a separate entity and NOT part of The Rhino & Lion Game Reserve.

The cave was discovered by Italian miners in 1898. The formation consists of calcite which formed a powder when heated, this powder was taken by ox wagon to Pretoria & Johannesburg to make cement and toothpaste. Mining was stopped in 1902 due to the outbreak of war. Wondercave is the 3rd largest chamber is South Africa, the largest being Cango Caves and second largest Sudwala Caves.

Enter the Wondercave by going down 87 stair at a 45degrees angle dropping 22 meters below the surface, then go down an elevator with a drop of a further 18 meters into the cave. At the Wondercave you can expect Cave Pearls, Formations up to 15m, Rim Stone pool, Stalactites and Stalagmites.

Features at the Wondercave include Abseiling, Tours every hour on the hour, No crawling necessary, Picnic area, Kiosk and Ablution Facilities. The Wondercave features its own fully-functional restaurant ready to serve hungry and thirsty travellers before or after their adventures in the cave.


Histoplasmosis is caused by bat guano (droppings) that falls on the ground. Over a long period of time a fungus will form over the guano due to the cave being dark and moist. If disturbed microscopic pours from the fungus will drift into the air, if breathed in this can grow on your lungs. Reason why no case has been reported: This normally occurs in a cave with a large amount of bats where you can get an accumulation and build up of guano. In the Wondercave there are about 30 horseshoe bats.

Symptoms: You will experience flu type symptoms, Sore chest, Coughing. Please consult your doctor with the necessary information.

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