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Swimming Pool Cover Installations – Equestria Pretoria Gauteng. Pool covers is very popular in South Africa. The traditional Hook on Pool Cover is different from the Pole Pool Cover in looks and design. Both are made from the same PVC and offers similar benefits. The main difference is the Hook on Pool Cover uses the water of the pool to support it, while the Pole Pool Cover uses aluminum poles for support.

Uses the water of the pool to support IT.
Has a very good weight tolerance and can hold one adult and a child but only offers a degree of safety because rain water can accumulate on top of the cover and this poses a threat to Children.
This cover does provide safety for dogs & cats because they can get on and off the Pool Cover.
We use a 600gsm PVC specifically for the use of swimming pool covers because its U.V. treated and chemical resistant.
Comes with a 3 Year Material Warranty.
Keeps dirt and debris out of pool. Allows no sunlight through, preventing almost no growth of algae.
Huge savings on chemical costs.
98% less water evaporation (Savings).

Uses aluminum poles for support.
Works with a ratchet system that is generally very easy to use but complicated enough for children so it acts like a safety device.
The Solid Safety Cover is the single most effective physical barrier to prevent child drowning and to secure a pool.
Can only be fitted to pools with a width no greater than 5,5m.
The pool cover has drainage holes to allow rain rainwater to drain into the pool .

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Swimming Pool Cover Installations & Other Products:

Swimming Pool Covers:
Generally very easy to use but complicated enough for children, so it acts like a safety device.
Material used is 600g to 700g A grade PVC material within reinforced webbing giving it superior strength and durability.
Keeps dirt and debris out of pool.
Helps with water evaporation.
Swimming Pool Safety Nets:
A child will not be able to Unhook the Safety Net.
A net can easily be installed and removed by a single adult.
Fitted according to the shape and size of your pool.
Our safety nets also come in sizes for ponds and water features in black or blue.
Our nets have a 5 YEAR Guarantee.
A Pool Safety Net fits neatly and seamlessly around ladders, rocks and other obstructions. Importantly, there won’t be any gaps in the net which could create a potential hazard.
Extremely light weight and can be fitted or removed in less than 5 minutes.
Swimming Pool Leaf Catcher Net:
Leaf Nets are constructed of mesh material and do not pool rainwater.
Keep leaves and debris high and dry above the surface of the water.
Solar Pool Blanket:
Cuts evaporation by up to 90%
Cuts Heating Costs by 70% or more
Save on chemicals and energy
Installation only takes a few minutes
Keeps pool cleaner

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