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The security fog system will secure your premises within seconds, effectively deterring any intruder. The fog cannon security system can protect you and your valuables with-or-without an alarm system. The fog activates within seconds to fill a room with dense fog, preventing the intruder from continuing.

The fog leaves no residue and is completely harmless: it will not affect clothing, furniture and electrical equipment.

The security fog system will keep intruders out up to 1 hour, which gives enough time for security to arrive. The PROTECT® security fog system creates peace of mind after closing time and in the event of a crime at your business, it is quickly back operating.

The fog cannon covers any building from small rooms to large warehouses. PROTECT® Fog Cannon are elegantly designed, and some models can be installed covertly behind a wall or ceiling. We have internationally documented approvals.

The PROTECT® fog cannon security system is the market leader with more than 80,000 units installed. PROTECT® is the best-selling product and world market leader in the industry.

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