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Krugair supplies professional air conditioning services to the public and office sector. We maintain long term relationships through maintenance, repairs, and installations. We supply quality air conditioning brands such as LG and Samsung, etc. Midwall units are made out of two parts. An Indoor Unit, Installed against the inside wall, connect to an Outdoor Unit by using communication cables and two pipes, a low pressure (suction line) and a high pressure (liquid line).

The Outdoor Unit (Condenssor) are installed on brackets against the outside wall directly behind the Indoor Unit (Evaporator), if possible. (Back to Back Installation). Outdoor Units can be moved to a different location. There are restrictions in the distance between the Outdoor and Indoor Unit. This depend on the make and model you are purchasing. Midwall Split Units are effectively used in houses and small offices, or it can be used in combination to cover larger areas. Most models can be used for heating and cooling.

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082 607 9638



26 Zambali Villas
Jan Bandjies Str

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