Jeep Wacky Warrior

Jeep Wacky Warrior is a fun filled insanely wacky obstacle fun run with bright colors during the day and super funky neon colors at night. Yes you heard right, the event starts early in the morning and carries on till mignight.

Jeep Wacky Warrior is basically a wack dress up obstacle fun run. If you ar enot a kid you will certainly feel like one when your doing Wacky Warrior. Remember you cannot participate if you are not dressed with some kind of wacky item, even if it is just one item. If someone doesnt lauch at you your not dressed wacky enough…get the picture. The run wont be the only entertainment, be sure not to miss the night time party with dj’s lights and lazer show.

Jeep Wacky Warrior  Cause

Very important to know is that Wacky Warrior Events will alsway be for a very good cause. The launch event will be raising funds for breast cancer as October is breast cancer month. The raised funds will be going to CANSA. When you enter you will see that it is compulsary to make a donation from as little as R10 up to R100. THe entries are cheap enough so you have no excuse.

Fun Run Format

Wacky Warrior consists of a 4km obstacle course with 12 super wacky obstacles that will make sure the fun will find you. It is important to know that the run is not timed, its all out fun. You can expect funky water pits, slippery n slides, foam baths, a mud walk and some other fun surprizes.

The event takes place in day and night. The day action starts at 8:00 in the morning until 19:00 in the evening. From 19:00 until 23:00 the event really comes alive with the most colorful obstacle event you have ever seen.

Make sure your abs are trained cause they will be sore from all the laughing. For those who cant get enough of the fun you may enter for the day run and the night run to get the full experience. In Wacky Warrior there are only teams of 2 – 8 team members. You can enter as many teams as you like. How do you have fun if your all alone…so no, there wont be solo entries.

Who can do a Wacky Warrior?
Anyone from the age of 6 years and older can do Wacky Warrior. Kids aged 6 – 13 year have to do the run with a parent or legal guardian.

Categories and Prizes
This is a fun run so there is no podium. But dont dispair there will be some awesome spot prizes. Most important of all is the prize for the most Wackiest dressed team.

Jeep Wacky Warrior Rules

All participants must be 6 years or older with no exceptions. There are absolutely no refunds of, or transfers of WarriorXtreme race registrations. Wacky Warrior will be held irrespective of any and all weather conditions. We will never cancel a course solely because of weather conditions. However, if weather conditions make the course unsafe, or affect our medical and safety teams’ ability to help participants, this will have to be evaluated independently.

All participants must saccept the Wacky Warrior liability waiver online during registration. PLEASE NOTE that by participating in Wacky Warrior you automatically accept the waiver and terms and conditions of the event.

If a Jeep Wacky Warrior, from its own observation or a report, received from any source, believes that another participant may have committed a gross breach of a rule, good manners or sportsmanship, or may have brought the sport into disrepute, that participant will face official review, potential disqualification, and/or removal from the site.

The participant may attempt the obstacles as many time as he/she wants. Participants are not allowed to leave the coarse at any point for any reason whatsoever. The only exception to this rule will be for medical reasons if the participant is assisted by one of the medical team members. Should a participant decide to leave the course for any other reason than medical attention he/she will be disqualified immediately.

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