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Heavy Duty Lawnmowers – Gauteng – Supreme Mower Manufacturers specialises in designing and manufacturing the Unicorn Range of Industrial Heavy Duty Self-Propelled Mowers, and the Kudo 850 Extra Heavy Duty Industrial Mower. Our mowers, which are at the forefront of innovation and technology, are expertly crafted and have unmatched quality and durability that set them apart from competing products on the market. We are able to provide the highest level of dependability and performance, because of our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. This ensures that our customers get the best results from using our products. We have the perfect solution for you, regardless of whether you need a robust mower for large-scale agricultural or commercial purposes, or simply need a powerful and reliable option for maintaining your lawn.

Our lawnmowers are designed for the tough, rugged South African terrain. We are confident in our ability to offer a product that satisfies all of your needs, thanks to our Extensive Dealer Network across South Africa, and our readily available supply of parts. Additionally, safety is a top priority for us, so for added peace of mind, our products are outfitted with chain guards.

Contact us for any Queries, and where to find a Dealer near you:
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Heavy Duty Lawnmowers:

Unicorn 600S:
Three-wheeled budget lawnmower
Optional Extra – Bar Blade for cutting longer grass.

Unicorn 700:
Three-wheeler – with the best features of the Unicorn 750 four-wheeler and Unicorn 600 three-wheeler incorporated into the Unicorn 700.
Optional Extras – Bar Blade for extra long grass, and Ride On Seat for large areas to cut.

Unicorn 750:
The supreme four-wheeler mower.
Optional Extras – Rear Wheels for better grip and stability; Ride On Seat for larger grass areas; Bar Blade for slashing extra long grass.

Kudo 850:
Four wheel extra heavy duty industrial lawnmower.
Optional Extras – Ride On Seat; Bar Blade for slashing extra long grass.


South African Product – highest quality, durable lawnmowers at affordable prices.
Dealers Nationwide.
Quality After-Sales Service.
Service & Repairs of Equipment by qualified mechanics.

Contact Details:

(011) 918-7747



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