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Nov 27, 2021 | Pets

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Doggy Oasis presents this high-quality, paw-activated dog water fountain that is safe for all breeds of dogs. Because plastic or ceramic water bowls are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, we’ve created this dog drinking fountain that eliminates the need for a water bowl. The Doggy Oasis comes with a three-year guarantee and can withstand all weather conditions. This dog water fountain is bite-proof, leak-proof and won’t flip over. The drinking fountain is paw-activated, completely safe and can be used by all dog breeds. Our product is available in black, blue and green. If your chosen colour is in stock, it will be delivered to you within 5 business days, otherwise within 14 business days of ordering.

Any dog can learn how to use the Doggy Oasis watering device. With just a little bit of time, patience, and persistence, your dog will soon be lapping up fresh water all on their own! For very intelligent breeds, training might only take one day. Most young dogs tend to tip conventional water bowls over. Don’t underestimate your dog’s intelligence – most dogs can do this! For those lovable canines that were blessed with more bark than brains, training can take up to two weeks. A healthy dog drinks about 60 to 80ml of water (per kg of body weight) every day.

Unlike other pet drinking fountains on the market, the Doggy Oasis allows your pets to access clean, fresh, free-flowing water whenever they are thirsty. By purchasing the Doggy Oasis, you can prioritise your dog’s health and make your life easier by not worrying about dirty or tipped-over water bowls. Both practical and hygienic, the Doggy Oasis is built to last and is made from bite-proof material that won’t leak. The Doggy Oasis is truly a safe, high-quality watering device that’s worthy of your best friend.

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